Excellence through Telecom Standards
Excellence through Telecom Standards

Consulting Services for Operators

Telecom Expertise supports Telecom Operators in their Transformation Initiatives by proposing the following services:

  • Enterprise Architecture transformation services (project management, architect, analyst...) based on TOGAF
  • Process Re-engineering: As-Is/To-Be transformation based on eTOM/ITIL/... process frameworks
  • Data Modeling: Information Model architecture services where the current As-Is model can be compared and improved with SID and other SID extensions
  • Applications Request For Proposal: writing RFP Functional Requirements, defining the Analysis Grid, supporting the operator's teams in the Q&A sessions with bidders, completing the functional analysis, checking the eTOM/SID conformance of the solutions



Consulting Services for Software Vendors

In a growing number of bids Software Vendors have to show how conform to standards their solutions are.

The expertise of our experts in eTOM, SID and other standards allows us to support all vendors in this conformance checks.

In addition to this standards expertise, our experts also bring a deep understanding of the operators' actual requirements and needs that can help drive the developments of vendors solutions.



Consulting Services for Consulting partners

Other consulting companies regularly take advantage of the specific and deep knowledge of our experts on the Standards and Best Practices to enrich their teams with Expert Resources.

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