Excellence through Telecom Standards
Excellence through Telecom Standards

Who are we?


Founded by Willy LEPRINCE in 2006, Telecom Expertise is giving you access to several experts who have been delivering consulting & training services in the telecom industry for more than two decades!




A graduate from French Engineering universities (« Grande Ecole ») Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, Willy LEPRINCE started his career in the Telecom industry in 1996.

Initially working for Telecom Operators (mobile, DSL…) in the OSS domain, he moved to other actors of the Telecom industry such as Integrators (ex: IBM Global Services) and Software Vendors (Compaq, HP).


Based on his deep understanding of the operators’ requirements in OSS & BSS areas, he joined the R&D Team of Hewlett-Packard to work on OpenView TeMIP and Service Quality Manager.


He founded Telecom-Expertise in 2006 to help operators develop and optimize their activities using the latest standards defined by TM Forum (Frameworx, eTOM, SID...) and Enterprise Architecture methodologies such as TOGAF.


TMF Trainer since 2007


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Industry standards supporting your transformation!

Our experts have been working with Industry Forums (such as TeleManagement Forum) for years as consultants/trainers and are using their expertise in Best Practices to support Telecom Operators in their transformation. 

Aligning your solutions with industry Best Practices

If you are delivering solutions or services to Telecom Operators, our experts can help you align them with Best Practices and Standard Frameworks of the Industry, such as eTOM, SID, ODA, OpenAPI, ITIL…

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